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Mirabai Holland, and her husband F. Sebastian Marino, incorporated NuVue LLC in 1996.

Their mission: to bring entertaining Healthy Living content to the general population and their generation, 50+.  “We want to give people the info they need to make informed lifestyle choices. Health Information is important. But a lot of time its boring. We’re changing that.” Mirabai says.

The couple met in the mid 80s when Sebastian’s company was producing the Reebok World Aerobics Championship (ESPN), and Mirabai was one of the competition’s judges.

Their friendship was immediate and they began to do projects together. They found Mirabai’s talent for designing population health and fitnes programs and Sebastian’s media expertise to be a synergistic combination.

Each of the pair brings 30 years of top-level experience to the table. (Bios)

Mirabai designs and designs the  programs,  the exercise protocols and movement. Sebastian is responsible for shooting, editing, graphics and music. Treatments and scripts are often written jointly.

Large projects enlist the help of a team of seasoned professionals, who are long-time colleagues of Mirabai and Sebastian.


Health Coaching Program for Manatee County Government Employees

PWP™ Pedaling With Parkinson’s Training Manual and Video

For Neuro Challenge Foundation, Inc. Sarasota, FL

A series of customer top rated exercise home videos sold on QVC, Amazon, and MirabaiHolland.com

A fitness special for PBS

A series of on-demand web videos for PBS

A series of photography supported articles for Health Monitor

New series of exercise videos both in DVD and On-Demand.

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